Another Year…

Another list of resolutions.


What better time to get back into the habit of blogging than the beginning of a new year. So Happy New Year and here’s to new beginnings!


Here are a few of the things that I’d like to stick to (again):
Drink Enough

Water, people. Has been a habit of mine and I wanna keep it, at least 2,5 litres per day.



Yup, oldie but goldie. Last year I actually managed to walk/run 5k per day on average (thank you Runtastic for giving me a handy statistic). My goal would be to stick to it, but that might be rather difficult because I just did soooo much walking/running last year (especially in NZ). But hey, I’ll just have to make it a habit and if I don’t manage to do the walking, I’ll try to squeeze in another form of exercise or two. Tschakka, let’s do this!


Lose Weight

To be honest, this is my main reason for doing the whole exercise shebang. I just have to get my fitness and healthy eating going again and STICK to it. Gah, I’m my biggest obstacle when it comes to this, if not only.


Stop the Procrastination

Hmm, somehow I detect a pattern here. Getting up to get things done will stop the procrastination…See where I’m going with this?


Use Up Things

I feel like a have enough moisturiser, serum, shampoo, shower gel and body lotion to last me till 2017. And let’s not even start with my make-up (my preciousss). So what I’m going to is, use things up, put them in a box (this is oddly satisfying for me somehow) and NOT buy anything. But let’s be serious now, I will not NOT buy any make-up (cause pretty duh), but I will try to really only get the items that will make me lose my breath (again prettyyy) in the make-up departure and be really strict when it comes to the everyday items which I really have plenty enough.


Carpe Diem

That’s what I learned in the last year. Enjoy your surroundings, the nature, music, just life in general. Go for that delicious looking ice-cream or burger, just find a balance. Wasting time and being deprived of the pretty and delicious things won’t bring you anything and make you just regret the things you didn’t do or try and make you grumpy. Like really grumpy.



Well, these are all the things that I can think of right now, but I don’t think you should try to accomplish too many things at a time anyway. It will just be overwhelming and result in disaster or here rather not one thing being done at all.


Until then, lovelies, I still owe you a couple (thousands cough) of pictures of the oh so beautiful country called New Zealand.








Things That I Miss Here

200 days. Tempus fugit. Wow, has it been over half a year already? I can’t quite believe it, but here I am, more than six months later in Wellington (and not in Auckland as it was planned in the beginning). Because I have been in the beautiful country called New Zealand for some time now, seen all the gorgeous places and sites here (more to come though!), eaten a lot of yummy food (had the best burger so far in NZ two weeks ago btw), met great people, but also having had to endure some not-so-pleasant and disappointing moments here, I thought I could do a little post about things that I sort of miss here. Pretty much 98% of all the people who leave their home for an extended time will face the feeling of home-sickness at some point. And what can I say: The last couple of weeks have been tough, and I did a lot of thinking (not getting any blonder here) and among other things, I was a ‘victim’ of the dreaded home-sickness too. But alas, I am far from being miserable here! My big bit of travelling is coming up and I cannot wait to see more of this beauuuutiful country! But distance makes the heart grow fonder, eh? And only if you’re missing something, you start to really appreciate it. This includes both people (Family! Friends!) and material things like food or everyday things (oh come on, who doesn’t?!). And before I start, I know that a lot (all *cough*) of these points I’ll bring up here make me sound like a spoilt little girl, first world problems and so on. But seriously: Come. On. We all like a little pampering from time to time, and miss the good ol’ things in life. So as nice addition to my Things That Are Different Here ‘meme’, here’s my little list of  

Things That I Miss Here


Friends & Family

This ones goes without saying and by now I’m just really looking forward to seeing them again 🙂  



Same old, same old. The first proper breakfast back in Germany HAS to be a good one, oh yeah please! Schwarzbrot, Pumpernickel (you can get this here too though!), Brötchen, all the good and carby stuff. Give. It. To. Me. But what makes this such an important item on my list is the fact that it (mostly breakfast here) simply involves the family getting together, having a lovely breakfast and chat. Yeah, cannot wait for that one.  


Central Heating

People who know me, know that I’m just not one of those shivering, frost-bite types (or Frostköddeln as my family calls them). But I am cold 98% of the time here. And I do not like it. At all. I am just sick (literally at the moment too) of damp clothes and wet hair that take(s) ages to dry, and the general chill. But my time here makes me really appreciate things like central heating or a dry place and I will spend extra care and caution with using the heater in the future.  


Sleeping In

I cannot remember the last time a had a proper sleep-in. The thing is that I don’t live on my own here. And their idea of having a good sleep-in seems to be a different one, i.e. a couple of hours earlier 😉 And let’s just say that it will be so nice to NOT  being woken up by constant chatter, singing, screaming, crying (aaaalll the good stuff you see) etc.  



This is a tricky one. Kiwis just have a different understanding of doing things in their own time (and way that is) and I must stress that they’re NOT all like this. But still, don’t get me wrong, cum tempore and I are -pretty- good friends at times. But constantly not being ready on time, wasting time, and just actually doing stuff/getting something done…you just can’t do this to me. I’m German.  



Unlimited internet/wi-fi

Gah, here we go again. Let’s face it, living in Europe apparently has me turned into an overfed internet snob and I’m sorry, but this won’t change. Ever.  


My Make-Up stash

Shallow, but true.

Oh beloved make-up, I miss you.

This little ode to my stash pretty much sums it up. Same applies (Oh, apply! Just what I used to do with my make-up!) to all my little pots and potions. I cannot wait for my first proper (and trust me it’s gonna be a big one) beauty&care haul in Germany.  

Which brings me to the (for now) last point on my list:  


Chemist’s shops/drugstores

Well, affordable ones to be precise. Of course, they have pharmacies and such here as well, but it’s just a loooot more expensive here :/     And there you have it. But man, 200 days. Wow. Doesn’t seem so long ago that I hopped on a plane to the other side of the world. And let me tell you, it is still bloody gorgeous and exciting 🙂  


Until next time  




Phew, this post has been in my draft folder forever.

Alrighty, after a lovely day in Picton I hopped on the nakedbus (naughty naughty) and got to Nelson, the sunniest place in New Zealand.

I split my stay in Nelson, because I squeezed in a day and night in Hokitika, which deserves its own post. Let’s just say, it’s beauuuutiful.

Back to Nelson. When I first got to the hostel, I wasn’t impressed to be honest. The bar and reception looked great, no doubt about it, but the room…plus, they totally forgot about my request -not- to be put in a room full of bunk beds and where did they put me? Riiiight. After the initial hesitance, I just asked to swap rooms because sneaky me did notice that there was a single bed available in the room right next to mine. No problemo, after a bit of sorting out the cards and all, I had a single bed and was happy. Just me no likey bunk beds, i.e. having to sleep in the top.

The room was alright, I guess, even though my roommates were unusually quiet and glued to their ipads and phones. Hello, you’re in New Zealand. Do something! So that’s what I did and off I was to explore the city. First stop was the Centre of New Zealand.

After a brief 20-hike up the hill, I was right at the centre so to speak. (Notice again the hiking..? I sense a pattern coming up…please don’t.)


Centre of NZ

Centre of NZ 2

But alas, the hike was totally worth it, again.

Centre of NZ 5

Centre of NZ 4

Centre of NZ 3


After my break in Hokitika (dreamy sigh), I was back at the Prince Albert’s and in another room. And guess what? My request about being in a female room/dorm without bunk beds..? Yeah, here’s the situation: Three lads et moi. In a room full of bunk beds. In the end, I can only laugh about it, I got my bottom bunk, the lads are great, I don’t mind. Carpe diem, baby.

In the beginning I had a day trip to the Abel Tasman national park in mind, but then someone at the hostel told me about this event ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ and I was hooked. Gotta love me some fish, sea and boats. What can I say, I’m an Aquarius and it runs in the family.

After a bit (okay, a lot) of searching for the right place, I finally made it. But the other harbour bits aren’t bad either.

Nelson 6

And just in time for the minute of silence, followed by the releasing of doves and the sounding of horns.

Nelson 5

It was a really beautiful and dignified event really. But I have to say that the best thing about going there was the food. Best fish&chips I have ever had. And the mussels were terrific as well!

Nelson 3

I would happily eat this til the rest of my life (plus my beloved porridge in the morning of course. Alright, and a bit of chocolate (ice cream)).


Nelson 2

Having feasted on the gorgeous sea food, I made my way back to the city centre and up to the Christ Church Cathedral.

Nelson Christ Church

And look what the little nerd in me found as well!


Nelson Bronte

And look! It’s the original RING.

Nelson LotR

I also went to the Farmer’s Market on another day.


Nelson market 3

Nelson market

Nelson market 2

Such gorgeous colours.


Happily, I bought a beauuutiful necklace, but SADLY I lost during my flight back home 😦

Nelson is a really beautiful city and I will happily return anytime (in November to be precise).

Such an easy-going atmosphere and friendly people. But hey, it’s actually quite difficult to find rude Kiwis.






Uh, and I found authentic cinnamon buns in this adorable Swedish Bakery Café in Nelson!

Swedish bakery Nelson

I’m a lucky (and now stuffed) girl. Good thing I did all of this walking on my holiday. 16km just today in Nelson and 75,3km overall, yeah!



South Island! Yay!
And it’s all true about the South Island being much prettier than the North Island (sorry bro, you’re still gorgeous).
I got here with the ferry and the first half an hour was not cute. Cue me being near a bathroom juuuust in case. But I didn’t get seasick! Another yay is in order. Anyway, after the initial queasiness and a little nap in one of the lounging chairs, I was good to enjoy the amazing view of the South Island. On top of that, is was the day of the football world cup final, which I got to see on the ferry. Cool story, eh? And here comes another yay, because Germany won! Story full of yays and hurras. That’s what I call a good story. Just imagine, sometime in the future when my (grand)kids will ask me where I was when Germany scored their fourth (!) world cup title, I can tell them that I was on a ferry in New Zealand on my way to one of the most beautiful places in the world 🙂


ferry Picton

Oh, and this also further proves my point that the farther away I am from Germany, when they have a game, the better 😉 But the curse seeeems to be (slightly) broken, because in the past they always lost when I was watching a game. Now I actually got to see them play 😀 You know what’s coming…yay!

Long story short: Picton.

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Things that are different here… #2

Hello again, time for another post!
Whenever I see ‘things that are different here’, I pop down a note on my phone, otherwise it’d be lost forever…kinda.

So let’s get started!

Sigh, I miss German bread to be honest. True, genuine and oh-so-delicious Schwarzbrot. Thankfully my awesome mother sent me some among other bits (also sponsered by my equally awesome sister) in April (and it took ages and felt like a wild goose chase to get the actual parcel!) and I was a happy girl for about a week. The bread they eat and sell here, you would call ‘Toast(brot)’ in Germany. Don’t get me wrong, a nice piece of toast, smothered in butter and honey, is simply divine in the morning. But sometimes I just need the ‘real deal’. Really looking forward to proper bread and Brezeln (oh yes!) once I’m back. BUT, there is a little ‘German bakery’ here in Lower Hutt and I managed to buy a Laugenstange (soft pretzel stick), yay! And they were gooood!



Central Heating

Here’s the thing: In Germany, you usually have a heater or any source of warmth in every room (except for the laundry room maybe). This is not the case here. Boo. Or rather brrr. Waking up when it’s 11°C in your room is not a nice thing if you ask me. In the house I’m living in at the moment, we have one heater in the lounge and that’s it. Guess where we spend most of our time..? For the night, I usually put a hottie (no, sadly not a hottie man) in my bed and I’m good. But I will definitely appreciate central heating a bit more when I get back 😉


Not driving on the right site 

(tongue-in-cheek pun intended)

Well duh.

You’ll just have to tell yourself ‘Left, left, left!’ for the first few rides 😉


Locking your (bathroom/loo) door

Let’s just say that you should always knock first when you enter the loo or bathroom in this house 😉

Because even though there is this little ‘bolt’ thing right under the door handle, it does not always lock the door. I know, it’s weird and kind of confusing because now I’m always staring at the door while in the shower…or doing other tmi stuff in the bathroom/loo.

And in public toilets, you lock the door the other way around! Things like that amuse me…quite a bit.


Make-Up and Skincare

It’s just so expensive here! Insert dramatic sigh

But I managed to order the Lorac PRO palette and OH MY, it’s gorgeous! I should do a post on it…

And on top of that, they just released the Lorac PRO 2 palette and I want it 2 (again with the puns in this post!)



Well, that’s it for now, folks!

I’ll just keep updating my list on my phone and see if I can come up with a ‘Things that are different here’ #3.

Until then,





P.S.: Have a glimpse of my daily view to make up for the lack of pictures in this post (please click on it for the whole panorama experience!)

Lower Hutt


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Petone Wharf

Yet another silly post with more pictures than words. This one’s dedicated to Petone Wharf, which sometimes gave me North/Baltic Seaish vibes. Enjoy 🙂

Please click on the images to get the full panorama experience!



Petone 6

Petone 5

Petone 4

Petone 3

Petone 1

Petone 2

It was a beautiful day for a nice walk along the shore and surely won’t be the last 🙂

Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Hello hello,


Wow, one month gah almost 2 months now (because this post has been lurking in my ‘Drafts’ folder for ages now sorry!) in Wellington already and let me tell you, this one was the quickest month (or two) so far! Must be a good sign, cause I really like it here 😉

As it was the Queen’s birthday on Monday, we had a long weekend and took this brilliant weather as an opportunity to visit the Red Rocks. Just a 20min drive away, you find yet another beautiful trail along the coast. No crazy climbing this time, I’m rather thankful for that because my left leg has been rather weird lately. It does not really feel like a pulled muscle or just got a sore leg, but it’s stiff and annoying. I thinks it’s the new and rather soft mattress, but there isn’t much I can do about it. I guess I’ll just stick to morning stretching sessions and might add a little pilates to my routine. Zen attitude, people. I need to tell myself this from time to time, because as it happens I just spent a couple of hours last night, laying in my bed and going crazy/angry about my former roomie situation. Yep, the money is still missing and I’m not really sure about the next step I should take. And that annoys me. A. Lot.

Anyway, remember, Zen attitude.


Queen’s Birthday!

Because we had a nice and long weekend, we went to Red Rocks. Half an hour away from Wellington, you get a beautiful and easy walk along the coast and at the end you even get to see some seals! Now that gets my Seal of Approval (I just couldn’t resist)!




Red Rocks 6


Red Rocks 7

If you look closely, you can see the South Island in the back.

Red Rocks 5

And now you know why it’s called Red Rocks! But it was a bit disappointing to be honest. The best thing about this trip were by far…

Red Rocks seals

THE SEALS! But don’t be fooled, they’re not as cuddly as you might hope. Because they pretty much merge in colour with the surrounding rocks, we realised that one was bathing in the sun not 10 metres from us. But after an initial excitement on our side we got a sealy ‘growl’ and walked on right away. Always keep a safe distance. Don’t worry, they’ll still be cute from a (safe) distance.

Red Rocks Devil's Gate

Devil’s Gate. The funny twist here is that you have to go -up- to get to it.

Red Rocks 3

Will you just look at this gorgeous and rugged coastline? Throughout the walk, I couldn’t help but stop and consciously enjoy this experience. Give it a go. Stop. Take a breath. And enjoy. Awesome

Paua shell

I found my first paua shell! Look at these gorgeous colours. Only nature could come up with something as beautiful as this. But it would be a brilliant nail varnish as well…just saying.

Red Rocks 2

Simply beautiful.

Red Rocks orange

My new screen saver.



If you’re near, go. It’s a pretty and relaxing walk and you will enjoy every minute of it. Grab some food, your friends or family or go on your own and enjoy the show. I’d recommend to bring a jacket and get there early though, because it can be quite chilly in the shade and by and by more people will show up as well. Especially on a sunny day such as I had on the Queen’s Birthday. Thank you very much, your majesty.



Wellington Zoo

Hello there,


I know, mental gasp, it’s me again. I have to stay home today, nursing the ill, so I thought I can do a bit of blogging. Nice idea, eh?


Last weekend it was Open Day in Wellington and I seized this chance and went to the Wellington Zoo for ‘one gold coin only’. I really like days like that because you can save a lot of money and explore the city a bit more. Other things like the Cable Car or guided tours were also part of the Open Day, so there is something for everyone.

I was a bit worried about the weather at first because, boy, was it windy! I am now officially introduced to Windy Wellington 😉 Nevertheless, sunshine was all around and after a bit of searching and catching the right bus I stood in front of the Wellington Zoo.


Wellington Zoo 1

Hear me roar!

Wellington Zoo 2

This was the first little fellow to greet me, what a cute little panda!

Wellington Zoo 3 giraffe

Wellington Zoo kangaroo

One of the really cool things about this zoo is that there are areas where the animals get to wander around on their own, just like these kangaroos. 2 metres away from me, no fence. Amazing.

Wellington Zoo 6

Again with the panoramas! But looky, the sun!

Wellington Zoo 5

I mean look! And you can see just how crowded it was on this day.

Wellington Zoo kiwi

Here, kiwi kiwi kiwi, here!

Sadly, I did not get to see a kiwi. There is a talk every day where Tahi, the one-legged Kiwi, will be shown, but on this day it was just so overly crowded and noisy that I didn’t get a chance to see him. And people, if you are in an environment like this, please a) don’t shout for the kiwis (that seriously won’t miraculously make them come out of hiding) and b) don’t use flash (I mean, really?!)

Some people…

Wellington Zoo chimps

ChImpions area (see what I did there?)

Wellington Zoo dingo

What’s that? Bingo, it’s a dingo! Look, how fluffy he is! And it’s totally awesome and cool that he just couldn’t be bothered with all the people around.

Overall, Wellington Zoo is a lovely zoo but next time I might visit when there aren’t that many people around. Another great thing is that they don’t have any elephants at their zoo (anymore?) because they don’t want to encourage any such things. Sadly, I didn’t get to see the cheetahs, nor the lions or tigers, because it was simply too windy for them to be outside. Now, that’s truly a thing that can only happen in Windy Wellington 😉

Til next time!



Battle Hill

Phew, two months gone. Tempus fugit.


So sorry for not really updating on a regular basis, but hey, a lot has happened and I got some brilliant photos for you to make up for it. Pretty please forgive me?


The thing is that I no longer live in Auckland, I left that city for good. Let’s just say, greeeeaaat city, not so great people sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, Kiwis are awesome people. Super friendly and always there to help you out. And they have a cute accent. But my roomie was sent from hell. She isn’t a Kiwi anyway, so no bad rep for the Kiwis. But it left me leaving Auckland with a bitter taste in my mouth. And a couple of hundred dollars less. Did I mention that she ripped me off in the end? Yep, totally happened. Sigh, just thinking about it get’s me mad all over. But I must go to my happy place, keep my Zen attitude and think forward.

(And maybe file a complain…)


Anyway. Wellington. Cause that’s where I am now. And boy was that a good decision 🙂


I’ll might tell you a bit more about my move (got some pictures of my trip as well!) in another post, but this post ist about Battle Hill. It’s one of the first places around here that I visited and it was just the perfect day to do so. Clear blue sky, neither too warm, nor too cold and good energy overall. But I let the pictures to the talking for now.

Battle Hill 1

Panorama all the way, baby

Battle Hill 2

Battle Hill 3

Look at this beauty

 Battle Hill pony

Or that one (my first Shetland pony yay!)


Not too sheep, eh?

Battle Hill is a brilliant place to go by yourself or take your friends, family, you name it. Takes you roughly 1,5 hours to climb up that hill and you get nice bits of information about the actually battle that took place along the way. And as you can see, the view is worth all the huffing and puffing on your way up.

I’m really getting into these panorama shots. Got some lovely ones of Welly as well…


To be continued I guess 😉






Things that are different here…

Shame on me, I know. I’ve been here for a month now and you haven’t heard a peep from me. (Aside from all my Instagram (mostly food goodness) pics). I guess I owe you a nice long introduction into what I’m actually doing here, who I am and so on. But let’s start with a little comparison first. Auckland/NZ and Germany, how do they differ?

Let’s goooo

–       INTERNET

I actually just remembered it when I wanted to upload this post. But it took some time because the Internet is slow. And that’s when it clicked. How could I have forgotten about it?! It is so ridiculous, aggravating and shocking that I simply had to put it right at the top of my list. Long story short: Compared to Germany (and the better part of the rest of the world I reckon) Internet is so expensive here! And limited! You cannot do this to me! So many exclamation marks! But I was really not amused when I first got here and found out just how ridiculously expensive it is here at the hostels; and in general. See, in Germany you pay a certain (little) amount of money and get a so-called ‘Flat’. That means you get unlimited broadband and data on your phone too. It’s not like that here. Woe me. I pay 40 NZD for 8GB broadband. Being from Germany, this is outrageous and so very sad. Because me likey Internet.

But I have to learn to live (not accept!) it and use as much free Wi-Fi as I can get. Another very lovely thing about cafés. And Auckland got quite a few hotspots, which I get to use with my mobile plan. But it’s soo sloooow..! There there, Lilly. You’ll survive.

(Sooo gonna use free wi-fi to upload this post. Sneaky little me.)

–       No small forks

How do you eat your cake? It’s both cute and confusing at the same time. Except for ONE occasion (oh the joy!), people here use a spoon or a knife (gasp) to eat their muffin. Last Friday, I was invited to my flatmate’s birthday bash at a Mexican restaurant. She brought her own cake (nice, BYOC, I like that) and they handed out -huge- spoons. It’s just so much more enjoyable and long-lasting if you can eat your cake or muffin with a small fork in dainty, little bites. Not that it ever takes me 15 minutes to eat a slice of cake. Puhleez, I ain’t got time for that.

–       How are you?

Ah, the good ol’ how are ye. I know it’s only meant as a starting point/general way of greeting. But I’m just not used to it (yet) and I -always- want to tell you how I really feel. Forgive me, I am empathetic like that. But we do have it in Germany as well, it’s just that I never understood it to begin with. Why should you say ‘Great, thanks!’ when all you wanna do is crawl into your bed and bawl out your eyes (as an exaggerated example).

–       Plastic bags

Boy, do they like (and use!) their plastic bags. Whenever I go shopping, be it groceries or something else, and I tell them that I don’t want a plastic bag, I get a shocked “Are you sure?”. Every. Single. Time.

It’s not that big of a deal, really. Just bring your own re-usable bag. If you can bring your own beverage (and cake apparently), why not do the environment a favour and bring your own bag? And all the plastic bags at home are rather annoying as well.

If you can recycle, you can re-use a bag as well.

–       Coffee

This is a bit tricky. Of course there is coffee in Germany as well. Lovely coffee actually. But oooh, my cherished and precious Flat White! Finally, we are reunited. One big company used to have you on its menu but they took you from me a couple of years ago! The travesty! And despair! But the long wait is over. Insert dreamy sigh.

To be honest with you, I was hoping that the coffee here is cheap as chips. But it isn’t. And neither are chips, sigh. But I’m happy to pay for a good cup of coffee (or the occasional Frappuccino). And psssht, next step on my career ladder: Barista. Aw yeah.

–       Opening hours

The big shops are usually open 7 days a week. Well hello there. My trusted coffee shop near my flat is always open. 24/7. Someone obviously must have gotten my (fan) letters. I mean how cool is that?! But it can also be the ruin of myself and my purse foremost. Too much temptation, aah. I can do it. Did I mention that I’m sitting in that aforementioned café this very moment? Oooops…

–       Order and pay at the bar

The staff is happy to bring you the food most of time but please pay when you order. I once made the mistake of ordering at the bar and going back to my place. Without paying. Oooh, the humiliation. (Okay, okay, it wasn’t that bad but it was a dead giveaway for me being a tourist.) Uh, and it happened in London. But the same thing goes for Auckland. No idea how the fancy schmancy restaurant go about it but hello, I’m a poor student/just started working. Ain’t got money for that.

–       Sushi is everywhere (just like coffee)

Of course there are the good and the bad. But I made it my mission to try them all. And it’s so cheap! (Compared to Europe) It’s bloody brilliant!

–       Auckland is hiiiiiillllllyyy

Okay, this one’s Auckland-only (I hope!). But wow, if you use anything like Runtastic to track your activities it should be set on ‘Hiking’ permanently. Phew, the first few days I was most certainly not used to it. But it helps burning of all those Flat Whites and Sushi.

–       There are so many Germans here!

Well, this one’s not any different compared to Germany because duh, of course there are Germans in Germany. But 5 out of 6 being German in a Kiwi hostel room? Come on! I was so excited to finally be in NZ and everybody was talking German. Oh the irony.

But it’s just a fact that a lot of Germans do work&travel (as do the French apparently) and therefore you meet a lot of them at hostels or tourist sites. Now that I got my own place, the use of German has been reduced significantly. Rejoice ‘cause that’s why I’m here, remember? To practise and –perfect- (cough) my English. And to explore the country, drink loads of coffee and finish my dissertation. But I digress…Not gonna talk about Uni now lalala. I actually skipped a trip to Waiheke today to spend some time on my papers and I won’t watch any TV or do something else until I’ve achieved that. Tschakka. Writing a blog post though is actual writing and therefore permitted. So I keep telling myself.

Well, these are the first few things that came to my mind but I will add more in the future. Promise! But now I have to actually fulfil the promise I made to myself and get a little Uni work done…sigh.

Until then,