Wow, last night in Germany.

Tomorrow I’m gonna hop on a plane, spend 32 hours there and then be in Auckland. I. Can’t. Believe. It.

I’m so nervous, jittery, excited and stressed out. Everything’s just a big mess and chaotic and I just want to sit in the plane and know that I can’t change anything anymore and that’s it.

A whole year. I know, I know. That does not seem like a lot to some people but is, isn’t it?

Everything’s just one big messy (gosh, I use this world a lot lately) and I cannot wait to be done with all of it. But it will sadly still take some time, I’m afraid. I booked my flight, hostel. Good thing. Don’t have a flat yet. Baaaad thing. Everything would just be muuch easier if I had a flat already. But of course it’s not meant to be easy. Trust me, I tried. But hello, all I got where some inquiries from weird people who were ‘out of the country, so please just wire me the money’. Yeah, right…Just googling the name once and it had SCAM written all over it. Seriously, what has the world come to?

But everything will be fine. No, perfect, amazing, exciting, brilliant!

I can do it.


It’s a huge step for me. Yeah, go ahead, just leave your country, start a job thousands of miles away without any friends and family there in a country that doesn’t even speak your mother language. Easy.


But oh so exciting!


See you soon (when I will be in NZ aaaaah)







P.S.: Wish me luck, cause boy, do I need it!


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