Battle Hill

Phew, two months gone. Tempus fugit.


So sorry for not really updating on a regular basis, but hey, a lot has happened and I got some brilliant photos for you to make up for it. Pretty please forgive me?


The thing is that I no longer live in Auckland, I left that city for good. Let’s just say, greeeeaaat city, not so great people sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, Kiwis are awesome people. Super friendly and always there to help you out. And they have a cute accent. But my roomie was sent from hell. She isn’t a Kiwi anyway, so no bad rep for the Kiwis. But it left me leaving Auckland with a bitter taste in my mouth. And a couple of hundred dollars less. Did I mention that she ripped me off in the end? Yep, totally happened. Sigh, just thinking about it get’s me mad all over. But I must go to my happy place, keep my Zen attitude and think forward.

(And maybe file a complain…)


Anyway. Wellington. Cause that’s where I am now. And boy was that a good decision 🙂


I’ll might tell you a bit more about my move (got some pictures of my trip as well!) in another post, but this post ist about Battle Hill. It’s one of the first places around here that I visited and it was just the perfect day to do so. Clear blue sky, neither too warm, nor too cold and good energy overall. But I let the pictures to the talking for now.

Battle Hill 1

Panorama all the way, baby

Battle Hill 2

Battle Hill 3

Look at this beauty

 Battle Hill pony

Or that one (my first Shetland pony yay!)


Not too sheep, eh?

Battle Hill is a brilliant place to go by yourself or take your friends, family, you name it. Takes you roughly 1,5 hours to climb up that hill and you get nice bits of information about the actually battle that took place along the way. And as you can see, the view is worth all the huffing and puffing on your way up.

I’m really getting into these panorama shots. Got some lovely ones of Welly as well…


To be continued I guess 😉







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