Queen’s Birthday Weekend

Hello hello,


Wow, one month gah almost 2 months now (because this post has been lurking in my ‘Drafts’ folder for ages now sorry!) in Wellington already and let me tell you, this one was the quickest month (or two) so far! Must be a good sign, cause I really like it here 😉

As it was the Queen’s birthday on Monday, we had a long weekend and took this brilliant weather as an opportunity to visit the Red Rocks. Just a 20min drive away, you find yet another beautiful trail along the coast. No crazy climbing this time, I’m rather thankful for that because my left leg has been rather weird lately. It does not really feel like a pulled muscle or just got a sore leg, but it’s stiff and annoying. I thinks it’s the new and rather soft mattress, but there isn’t much I can do about it. I guess I’ll just stick to morning stretching sessions and might add a little pilates to my routine. Zen attitude, people. I need to tell myself this from time to time, because as it happens I just spent a couple of hours last night, laying in my bed and going crazy/angry about my former roomie situation. Yep, the money is still missing and I’m not really sure about the next step I should take. And that annoys me. A. Lot.

Anyway, remember, Zen attitude.


Queen’s Birthday!

Because we had a nice and long weekend, we went to Red Rocks. Half an hour away from Wellington, you get a beautiful and easy walk along the coast and at the end you even get to see some seals! Now that gets my Seal of Approval (I just couldn’t resist)!




Red Rocks 6


Red Rocks 7

If you look closely, you can see the South Island in the back.

Red Rocks 5

And now you know why it’s called Red Rocks! But it was a bit disappointing to be honest. The best thing about this trip were by far…

Red Rocks seals

THE SEALS! But don’t be fooled, they’re not as cuddly as you might hope. Because they pretty much merge in colour with the surrounding rocks, we realised that one was bathing in the sun not 10 metres from us. But after an initial excitement on our side we got a sealy ‘growl’ and walked on right away. Always keep a safe distance. Don’t worry, they’ll still be cute from a (safe) distance.

Red Rocks Devil's Gate

Devil’s Gate. The funny twist here is that you have to go -up- to get to it.

Red Rocks 3

Will you just look at this gorgeous and rugged coastline? Throughout the walk, I couldn’t help but stop and consciously enjoy this experience. Give it a go. Stop. Take a breath. And enjoy. Awesome

Paua shell

I found my first paua shell! Look at these gorgeous colours. Only nature could come up with something as beautiful as this. But it would be a brilliant nail varnish as well…just saying.

Red Rocks 2

Simply beautiful.

Red Rocks orange

My new screen saver.



If you’re near, go. It’s a pretty and relaxing walk and you will enjoy every minute of it. Grab some food, your friends or family or go on your own and enjoy the show. I’d recommend to bring a jacket and get there early though, because it can be quite chilly in the shade and by and by more people will show up as well. Especially on a sunny day such as I had on the Queen’s Birthday. Thank you very much, your majesty.




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