Things that are different here… #2

Hello again, time for another post!
Whenever I see ‘things that are different here’, I pop down a note on my phone, otherwise it’d be lost forever…kinda.

So let’s get started!

Sigh, I miss German bread to be honest. True, genuine and oh-so-delicious Schwarzbrot. Thankfully my awesome mother sent me some among other bits (also sponsered by my equally awesome sister) in April (and it took ages and felt like a wild goose chase to get the actual parcel!) and I was a happy girl for about a week. The bread they eat and sell here, you would call ‘Toast(brot)’ in Germany. Don’t get me wrong, a nice piece of toast, smothered in butter and honey, is simply divine in the morning. But sometimes I just need the ‘real deal’. Really looking forward to proper bread and Brezeln (oh yes!) once I’m back. BUT, there is a little ‘German bakery’ here in Lower Hutt and I managed to buy a Laugenstange (soft pretzel stick), yay! And they were gooood!



Central Heating

Here’s the thing: In Germany, you usually have a heater or any source of warmth in every room (except for the laundry room maybe). This is not the case here. Boo. Or rather brrr. Waking up when it’s 11°C in your room is not a nice thing if you ask me. In the house I’m living in at the moment, we have one heater in the lounge and that’s it. Guess where we spend most of our time..? For the night, I usually put a hottie (no, sadly not a hottie man) in my bed and I’m good. But I will definitely appreciate central heating a bit more when I get back 😉


Not driving on the right site 

(tongue-in-cheek pun intended)

Well duh.

You’ll just have to tell yourself ‘Left, left, left!’ for the first few rides 😉


Locking your (bathroom/loo) door

Let’s just say that you should always knock first when you enter the loo or bathroom in this house 😉

Because even though there is this little ‘bolt’ thing right under the door handle, it does not always lock the door. I know, it’s weird and kind of confusing because now I’m always staring at the door while in the shower…or doing other tmi stuff in the bathroom/loo.

And in public toilets, you lock the door the other way around! Things like that amuse me…quite a bit.


Make-Up and Skincare

It’s just so expensive here! Insert dramatic sigh

But I managed to order the Lorac PRO palette and OH MY, it’s gorgeous! I should do a post on it…

And on top of that, they just released the Lorac PRO 2 palette and I want it 2 (again with the puns in this post!)



Well, that’s it for now, folks!

I’ll just keep updating my list on my phone and see if I can come up with a ‘Things that are different here’ #3.

Until then,





P.S.: Have a glimpse of my daily view to make up for the lack of pictures in this post (please click on it for the whole panorama experience!)

Lower Hutt


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