South Island! Yay!
And it’s all true about the South Island being much prettier than the North Island (sorry bro, you’re still gorgeous).
I got here with the ferry and the first half an hour was not cute. Cue me being near a bathroom juuuust in case. But I didn’t get seasick! Another yay is in order. Anyway, after the initial queasiness and a little nap in one of the lounging chairs, I was good to enjoy the amazing view of the South Island. On top of that, is was the day of the football world cup final, which I got to see on the ferry. Cool story, eh? And here comes another yay, because Germany won! Story full of yays and hurras. That’s what I call a good story. Just imagine, sometime in the future when my (grand)kids will ask me where I was when Germany scored their fourth (!) world cup title, I can tell them that I was on a ferry in New Zealand on my way to one of the most beautiful places in the world 🙂


ferry Picton

Oh, and this also further proves my point that the farther away I am from Germany, when they have a game, the better 😉 But the curse seeeems to be (slightly) broken, because in the past they always lost when I was watching a game. Now I actually got to see them play 😀 You know what’s coming…yay!

Long story short: Picton.

Beautiful little place with 4,500 people living here. A couple of my friends actually told me to skip it altogether because there is nothing to see here. But I’m glad I didn’t. I’d actually quite happily spend another couple of days here.

I stayed at the Tombstone hostel, which was the best hostel so far for me here in New Zealand.

Tombstones hostel

Picton 1

Lynn, the owner, even picks you up at the ferry terminal and is always in a chipper mood and happy to help you. The rooms are nice and clean and the bathrooms are even cleaner, with a certain spa feeling to it. You also get free wi-fi and breakfast in the morning (and because it’s only free til 9am, I have to get up early and make the most of my day ;D It’s really a shame that I didn’t stay there for a bit longer, especially now that I am here in Nelson and the hostel is a down-grade if I’m being honest. (Edit: Back in Nelson, same hostel but different room and it’s SO MUCH better! More on that in another post)

So what did I do in less than 24 hours in Picton? Went for a walk of course 😉 And you betcha I climbed up a mountain hill (is what they call it here). I’m still not the hiking kinda girl, but it just gives you the best view – and a lot of satisfaction once you climbed up that b…eautiful hill.

Picton 5

I mean just look at this beauty.

Picton 2

Leading down the hill was this beautiful trail. I just love tracks like this, they make you feel sort of whimsical and secretive.

After a good night’s sleep, I quickly made my way to the ‘city centre’ (if you can call it that, Picton is just so tiny!), skipped along the waterfront and made my way over to the Edwin Fox Maritime museum.



Picton’s gorgeous waterfront.

Picton seal

Just outside of the museum is where I met this little guy. One minute I was enjoying the lovely view, when I heard a hrmpf kind of noise. I looked down and there s/he was, less than 2m away! Definitely one of my highlights here.


IMG_3095  IMG_3113

If you got some spare time, the museum itself is definitely worth a visit and quite impressive. Plus, the guide was just delightful and really lovely!

Overall, I really enjoyed my short stay in Picton and I’m already considering coming back here in November, when I’ll be doing my proper bit of travelling NZ.


Next up, Nelson and Hokitika! So stay tuned… 🙂








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