Phew, this post has been in my draft folder forever.

Alrighty, after a lovely day in Picton I hopped on the nakedbus (naughty naughty) and got to Nelson, the sunniest place in New Zealand.

I split my stay in Nelson, because I squeezed in a day and night in Hokitika, which deserves its own post. Let’s just say, it’s beauuuutiful.

Back to Nelson. When I first got to the hostel, I wasn’t impressed to be honest. The bar and reception looked great, no doubt about it, but the room…plus, they totally forgot about my request -not- to be put in a room full of bunk beds and where did they put me? Riiiight. After the initial hesitance, I just asked to swap rooms because sneaky me did notice that there was a single bed available in the room right next to mine. No problemo, after a bit of sorting out the cards and all, I had a single bed and was happy. Just me no likey bunk beds, i.e. having to sleep in the top.

The room was alright, I guess, even though my roommates were unusually quiet and glued to their ipads and phones. Hello, you’re in New Zealand. Do something! So that’s what I did and off I was to explore the city. First stop was the Centre of New Zealand.

After a brief 20-hike up the hill, I was right at the centre so to speak. (Notice again the hiking..? I sense a pattern coming up…please don’t.)


Centre of NZ

Centre of NZ 2

But alas, the hike was totally worth it, again.

Centre of NZ 5

Centre of NZ 4

Centre of NZ 3


After my break in Hokitika (dreamy sigh), I was back at the Prince Albert’s and in another room. And guess what? My request about being in a female room/dorm without bunk beds..? Yeah, here’s the situation: Three lads et moi. In a room full of bunk beds. In the end, I can only laugh about it, I got my bottom bunk, the lads are great, I don’t mind. Carpe diem, baby.

In the beginning I had a day trip to the Abel Tasman national park in mind, but then someone at the hostel told me about this event ‘Blessing of the Fleet’ and I was hooked. Gotta love me some fish, sea and boats. What can I say, I’m an Aquarius and it runs in the family.

After a bit (okay, a lot) of searching for the right place, I finally made it. But the other harbour bits aren’t bad either.

Nelson 6

And just in time for the minute of silence, followed by the releasing of doves and the sounding of horns.

Nelson 5

It was a really beautiful and dignified event really. But I have to say that the best thing about going there was the food. Best fish&chips I have ever had. And the mussels were terrific as well!

Nelson 3

I would happily eat this til the rest of my life (plus my beloved porridge in the morning of course. Alright, and a bit of chocolate (ice cream)).


Nelson 2

Having feasted on the gorgeous sea food, I made my way back to the city centre and up to the Christ Church Cathedral.

Nelson Christ Church

And look what the little nerd in me found as well!


Nelson Bronte

And look! It’s the original RING.

Nelson LotR

I also went to the Farmer’s Market on another day.


Nelson market 3

Nelson market

Nelson market 2

Such gorgeous colours.


Happily, I bought a beauuutiful necklace, but SADLY I lost during my flight back home 😦

Nelson is a really beautiful city and I will happily return anytime (in November to be precise).

Such an easy-going atmosphere and friendly people. But hey, it’s actually quite difficult to find rude Kiwis.






Uh, and I found authentic cinnamon buns in this adorable Swedish Bakery Café in Nelson!

Swedish bakery Nelson

I’m a lucky (and now stuffed) girl. Good thing I did all of this walking on my holiday. 16km just today in Nelson and 75,3km overall, yeah!



2 thoughts on “Nelson

  1. Long walks/hikes, farmer’s markets and searching for the perfect bakery? Sounds like my kind of holiday (I do that, too).

    Beautiful pictures, girl! Glad you had a good time, but shame about the necklace! (you need to get another one if you go back to Nelson) 🙂

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