Things That I Miss Here

200 days. Tempus fugit. Wow, has it been over half a year already? I can’t quite believe it, but here I am, more than six months later in Wellington (and not in Auckland as it was planned in the beginning). Because I have been in the beautiful country called New Zealand for some time now, seen all the gorgeous places and sites here (more to come though!), eaten a lot of yummy food (had the best burger so far in NZ two weeks ago btw), met great people, but also having had to endure some not-so-pleasant and disappointing moments here, I thought I could do a little post about things that I sort of miss here. Pretty much 98% of all the people who leave their home for an extended time will face the feeling of home-sickness at some point. And what can I say: The last couple of weeks have been tough, and I did a lot of thinking (not getting any blonder here) and among other things, I was a ‘victim’ of the dreaded home-sickness too. But alas, I am far from being miserable here! My big bit of travelling is coming up and I cannot wait to see more of this beauuuutiful country! But distance makes the heart grow fonder, eh? And only if you’re missing something, you start to really appreciate it. This includes both people (Family! Friends!) and material things like food or everyday things (oh come on, who doesn’t?!). And before I start, I know that a lot (all *cough*) of these points I’ll bring up here make me sound like a spoilt little girl, first world problems and so on. But seriously: Come. On. We all like a little pampering from time to time, and miss the good ol’ things in life. So as nice addition to my Things That Are Different Here ‘meme’, here’s my little list of  

Things That I Miss Here


Friends & Family

This ones goes without saying and by now I’m just really looking forward to seeing them again 🙂  



Same old, same old. The first proper breakfast back in Germany HAS to be a good one, oh yeah please! Schwarzbrot, Pumpernickel (you can get this here too though!), Brötchen, all the good and carby stuff. Give. It. To. Me. But what makes this such an important item on my list is the fact that it (mostly breakfast here) simply involves the family getting together, having a lovely breakfast and chat. Yeah, cannot wait for that one.  


Central Heating

People who know me, know that I’m just not one of those shivering, frost-bite types (or Frostköddeln as my family calls them). But I am cold 98% of the time here. And I do not like it. At all. I am just sick (literally at the moment too) of damp clothes and wet hair that take(s) ages to dry, and the general chill. But my time here makes me really appreciate things like central heating or a dry place and I will spend extra care and caution with using the heater in the future.  


Sleeping In

I cannot remember the last time a had a proper sleep-in. The thing is that I don’t live on my own here. And their idea of having a good sleep-in seems to be a different one, i.e. a couple of hours earlier 😉 And let’s just say that it will be so nice to NOT  being woken up by constant chatter, singing, screaming, crying (aaaalll the good stuff you see) etc.  



This is a tricky one. Kiwis just have a different understanding of doing things in their own time (and way that is) and I must stress that they’re NOT all like this. But still, don’t get me wrong, cum tempore and I are -pretty- good friends at times. But constantly not being ready on time, wasting time, and just actually doing stuff/getting something done…you just can’t do this to me. I’m German.  



Unlimited internet/wi-fi

Gah, here we go again. Let’s face it, living in Europe apparently has me turned into an overfed internet snob and I’m sorry, but this won’t change. Ever.  


My Make-Up stash

Shallow, but true.

Oh beloved make-up, I miss you.

This little ode to my stash pretty much sums it up. Same applies (Oh, apply! Just what I used to do with my make-up!) to all my little pots and potions. I cannot wait for my first proper (and trust me it’s gonna be a big one) beauty&care haul in Germany.  

Which brings me to the (for now) last point on my list:  


Chemist’s shops/drugstores

Well, affordable ones to be precise. Of course, they have pharmacies and such here as well, but it’s just a loooot more expensive here :/     And there you have it. But man, 200 days. Wow. Doesn’t seem so long ago that I hopped on a plane to the other side of the world. And let me tell you, it is still bloody gorgeous and exciting 🙂  


Until next time  




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