Another Year…

Another list of resolutions.


What better time to get back into the habit of blogging than the beginning of a new year. So Happy New Year and here’s to new beginnings!


Here are a few of the things that I’d like to stick to (again):
Drink Enough

Water, people. Has been a habit of mine and I wanna keep it, at least 2,5 litres per day.



Yup, oldie but goldie. Last year I actually managed to walk/run 5k per day on average (thank you Runtastic for giving me a handy statistic). My goal would be to stick to it, but that might be rather difficult because I just did soooo much walking/running last year (especially in NZ). But hey, I’ll just have to make it a habit and if I don’t manage to do the walking, I’ll try to squeeze in another form of exercise or two. Tschakka, let’s do this!


Lose Weight

To be honest, this is my main reason for doing the whole exercise shebang. I just have to get my fitness and healthy eating going again and STICK to it. Gah, I’m my biggest obstacle when it comes to this, if not only.


Stop the Procrastination

Hmm, somehow I detect a pattern here. Getting up to get things done will stop the procrastination…See where I’m going with this?


Use Up Things

I feel like a have enough moisturiser, serum, shampoo, shower gel and body lotion to last me till 2017. And let’s not even start with my make-up (my preciousss). So what I’m going to is, use things up, put them in a box (this is oddly satisfying for me somehow) and NOT buy anything. But let’s be serious now, I will not NOT buy any make-up (cause pretty duh), but I will try to really only get the items that will make me lose my breath (again prettyyy) in the make-up departure and be really strict when it comes to the everyday items which I really have plenty enough.


Carpe Diem

That’s what I learned in the last year. Enjoy your surroundings, the nature, music, just life in general. Go for that delicious looking ice-cream or burger, just find a balance. Wasting time and being deprived of the pretty and delicious things won’t bring you anything and make you just regret the things you didn’t do or try and make you grumpy. Like really grumpy.



Well, these are all the things that I can think of right now, but I don’t think you should try to accomplish too many things at a time anyway. It will just be overwhelming and result in disaster or here rather not one thing being done at all.


Until then, lovelies, I still owe you a couple (thousands cough) of pictures of the oh so beautiful country called New Zealand.








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