Petone Wharf

Yet another silly post with more pictures than words. This one’s dedicated to Petone Wharf, which sometimes gave me North/Baltic Seaish vibes. Enjoy 🙂

Please click on the images to get the full panorama experience!



Petone 6

Petone 5

Petone 4

Petone 3

Petone 1

Petone 2

It was a beautiful day for a nice walk along the shore and surely won’t be the last 🙂


Wellington Zoo

Hello there,


I know, mental gasp, it’s me again. I have to stay home today, nursing the ill, so I thought I can do a bit of blogging. Nice idea, eh?


Last weekend it was Open Day in Wellington and I seized this chance and went to the Wellington Zoo for ‘one gold coin only’. I really like days like that because you can save a lot of money and explore the city a bit more. Other things like the Cable Car or guided tours were also part of the Open Day, so there is something for everyone.

I was a bit worried about the weather at first because, boy, was it windy! I am now officially introduced to Windy Wellington 😉 Nevertheless, sunshine was all around and after a bit of searching and catching the right bus I stood in front of the Wellington Zoo.


Wellington Zoo 1

Hear me roar!

Wellington Zoo 2

This was the first little fellow to greet me, what a cute little panda!

Wellington Zoo 3 giraffe

Wellington Zoo kangaroo

One of the really cool things about this zoo is that there are areas where the animals get to wander around on their own, just like these kangaroos. 2 metres away from me, no fence. Amazing.

Wellington Zoo 6

Again with the panoramas! But looky, the sun!

Wellington Zoo 5

I mean look! And you can see just how crowded it was on this day.

Wellington Zoo kiwi

Here, kiwi kiwi kiwi, here!

Sadly, I did not get to see a kiwi. There is a talk every day where Tahi, the one-legged Kiwi, will be shown, but on this day it was just so overly crowded and noisy that I didn’t get a chance to see him. And people, if you are in an environment like this, please a) don’t shout for the kiwis (that seriously won’t miraculously make them come out of hiding) and b) don’t use flash (I mean, really?!)

Some people…

Wellington Zoo chimps

ChImpions area (see what I did there?)

Wellington Zoo dingo

What’s that? Bingo, it’s a dingo! Look, how fluffy he is! And it’s totally awesome and cool that he just couldn’t be bothered with all the people around.

Overall, Wellington Zoo is a lovely zoo but next time I might visit when there aren’t that many people around. Another great thing is that they don’t have any elephants at their zoo (anymore?) because they don’t want to encourage any such things. Sadly, I didn’t get to see the cheetahs, nor the lions or tigers, because it was simply too windy for them to be outside. Now, that’s truly a thing that can only happen in Windy Wellington 😉

Til next time!