South Island! Yay!
And it’s all true about the South Island being much prettier than the North Island (sorry bro, you’re still gorgeous).
I got here with the ferry and the first half an hour was not cute. Cue me being near a bathroom juuuust in case. But I didn’t get seasick! Another yay is in order. Anyway, after the initial queasiness and a little nap in one of the lounging chairs, I was good to enjoy the amazing view of the South Island. On top of that, is was the day of the football world cup final, which I got to see on the ferry. Cool story, eh? And here comes another yay, because Germany won! Story full of yays and hurras. That’s what I call a good story. Just imagine, sometime in the future when my (grand)kids will ask me where I was when Germany scored their fourth (!) world cup title, I can tell them that I was on a ferry in New Zealand on my way to one of the most beautiful places in the world 🙂


ferry Picton

Oh, and this also further proves my point that the farther away I am from Germany, when they have a game, the better 😉 But the curse seeeems to be (slightly) broken, because in the past they always lost when I was watching a game. Now I actually got to see them play 😀 You know what’s coming…yay!

Long story short: Picton.

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